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Global gold asset trading platform based on blockchain cryptocurrency

GOLDCHAIN reverts to the gold standard with gold token GOLD, so with every GOLD issuance one gold reserve corresponding to or greater than this, this will ensure that assets do not change in response to market turmoil.


What We Do?

GOLDCHAIN is a blockchain-based flagged gold asset trading platform that uses GOLD digital assets to support 100% physical gold or exchange-traded funds (ETFs). This means that the future digital assets GOLD and gold can be linked, GOLD uses blockchain cryptocurrency to solve the global gold and other precious asset transactions.
     Global gold deals amount to trillions of dollars a year, yet gold trades liquidity is not as high in conventional trading scenarios, and buying and selling GOLD digital assets is an extremely convenient and safe way. GOLD tokens can be easily exchanged with the mainstream virtual currency such as BTC, ETH, XRP and other legal currencies, and linked to the gold trading, so that the transaction itself is more secure, stable, convenient, authoritative and pioneering the global gold Loan.     GOLDCHAIN and the global gold mining companies, exchanges to establish a solid and stable basis of cooperation, GOLECHAIN GOLD token introduced will greatly change the way the global gold trading, and won the heavyweight market.

How to work?

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London Gold Exchange historical price curve

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The natural currency of gold combined with the high liquidity of GOLD digital assets, so that your assets to maintain and increase value

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Hedge risk

Changes in the digital money market will not profoundly affect the diving of GOLD assets

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Trading and borrowing

GOLD has the same trading attributes as Gold, and in our future systems you can also complete asset lending.

Token Plan

• Based on the Ethereum ERC-20 smart contract standard
                     • Total: 1180000000 GOLD
                     • Created a limited number of GOLD, no additional
                     • Maximum number of sales tokens: 50%
                     • Marketing and partner support: 8% (with% 1 bonus)
                     • Team (Lab): 15%
                     • Gold Reserve: 70%
                     • Miner (Community Rewards): 12%
                     • Hard Top: 20000 ETH

GoldChain docking token sales channels around the world, our tokens docking only the most effective partner, the future, this may give you a few times the return


Use of funds?

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Route Map

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Who We Are?

We are a professional team in finance, blockchain and internet

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Coghill Lee


Graduated more than 10 years of gold spot, futures, stocks and other manipulative experience, has a wealth of gold industry resources, have unique views on the financial markets, is now a Wistron partner。

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Orville Armstro


Blockchain technical experts, system asset engineers, block chain research center chief engineer. He has unique experience in unified algorithms and distributed ledgers and has a deep understanding of the need for technology in the financial arena.

team 1

Haicheng King


Years of working experience in banking and finance, with clear forecast and prevention of financial investment risks

Elegance is not the abundance of simplicity. It is the absence of complexity.

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